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Welcome to Bark Avenue Spaw

Your Pets are in Good Hands

Bark Avenue Spaw offers complete grooming services for dogs from head to tail.

Our certified and experienced groomers use grooming techniques which help to keep your beloved animal’s stress level to the minimum. Our spaw is clean and calm and cage free. Whether you have a puppy, adult or senior dog we will ensure that your fur-baby receives excellent care and quality service from hair cut to nail trim.

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Our Rates


  • Tiny: $70.00 plus tax
  • Small: $80.00 plus tax
  • Medium: $90.00 - $120.00 plus tax
  • Large: $130.00 - $150.00 plus tax
  • X-Large: $160.00 - $200.00 plus tax
  • *All prices are subject to change depending on the coat condition(matted), behavior and age of dog.Aggressive dogs that require muzzling or extra staff to help manage them will be charged at higher standard grooming rate.This is because dogs showing aggression or acute nervousness take much longer to groom.
Spaw Package 1
  • Blueberry facial with massage
  • Coconut oil
  • Paw soak and treatment
  • Teeth brushing
Spaw Package 2 (Deshedding Package)
  • Special deshedding shampoo and conditioner
  • Furminator combing
Spaw Extras
  • Blueberry facial $5.00
  • Teeth brushing $5.00
  • Nail trim and file Small dog $10.00
  • Nail trim and file Large dog $15.00
  • Fur colouring $5.00
  • Nail polish $5.00
  • Coconut oil treatment $5.00
  • Medicated baths $10.00
  • Mud spa $10.00
  • Dematting fee (if the dog is able to be dematted $10.00 charge every 15 minutes)
  • Skunk bath $20.00
  • Flea and tick bath $20.00
Pet Care Staff

Meet Our Owners

Gleice Quina

Mrs. Gleice Quina is a former student of B-Pro Grooming School, the first certified grooming school in Ontario. She is a very talented manager and professional, Mrs. Quina has been a pet lover since her childhood and she affirms that a pets love is 100% unconditional at all times, that is why she cares about giving the best comfort for her client´s pets, with the same love that she gives to her own dogs: Summer and Daisy, two border collies. She expects nothing less from the staff that she surrounds herself with daily.

  • Experience:

    6 years
  • Pets:

Pet Care Staff

Meet Our Owners

Monica Di Carlo

Mrs. Monica Di Carlo is Mrs. Quina´s best friend partner and former classmate from B-Pro Grooming School. She and her little buddy Jersey are always inseparable, whether it is at home or at the shop, he is her companion wherever she goes. Having and sharing the love and passion for pets, Mrs Di Carlo affirms 100% pets give unconditional love same as her partner. Mrs. Di Carlo delivers her best as a professional groomer and expects nothing less from her staff

  • Experience:

    6 years
  • Pets:

About Bark Avenue Spaw

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Welcome to Bark Avenue Spaw, located in charming Brampton. We’ve embarked on this endeavor back in 2014 and have been providing exceptional dog-grooming services ever since. We pride ourselves in providing a stress free environment through gentle handling and extreme patience. All of our certified groomers ensure the safety of our pet and strive to create the best experience for them.

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